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Our Capabilities

In today’s busy economy, corporate project engineers are unable to devote the time needed on major piping projects, so the need for a qualified contractor is greater than ever. Fortunately, Cabco New England has the experience, capabilities & qualifications to complete a project from beginning to end, while meeting the most stringent of requirements.

Typical projects include: 

Process piping
Life sciences piping
Biotechnology piping
Pharmaceutical piping
Chemical piping
Chill water piping
Process cooling piping
Specialty piping
Air piping
Fire sprinkler piping
Hydraulic piping
Sanitary piping
Reactor piping
Teflon lined piping
Chill water pumps
Cooling pumps
Cooling towers
Steam fitting
Pipe fitting
Gas fitting


Power Plant Welding
Orbital welding
ASME welding
ASME certified
ASME pipe welding
TIG welding
Heliarc welding
Aluminum welding
Pressure vessels
Welding repairs
Blow down separators
Feed water tanks
Flash steam tanks
Condensate tanks
Condensate pumps
Boiler installation
Steam boilers
Heat exchangers
Chill water air systems


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