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ASME Code Repairs

“Our experienced certified welders can perform “R’ stamp, “S’ stamp and “PP” stamp modifications and repairsĀ 

ASME Certified Welders

The “R” stamp allows us to perform routine repairs on boilers, re-tubes, and any welded repairs to bring your boiler up to standards. We can even rebuild your boiler if neededĀ 

The “S” stamp allows us to assemble power boilers per the ASME standards and weld pipe after the boiler, throughout your steam or hot water system.

  • Boiler tubes in fully stocked warehouse
  • Full Equipped, Phone Dispatched Trucks
  • All Boiler Types and Models
  • Competitive service rates
  • Service & Parts for all boiler and burner brands
  • Re-tubing
  • Tube Sheets
  • Drum Internals
  • Mud Legs
  • Furnaces (including safe ends)
  • Steam to Water or Water to Steam Boiler Conversions
  • Certified or Confirmed Space Entry


Certified Welders